Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rainy Day Birthday

Little ZB is 3!!  She's so excited about it, too.  Each day since her birthday, she has been asking if she is still three, just to be sure :)

Her party was rained out, so we took her to the toddler free-play at the gym.
She jumped and played the entire time.  Apparently, she even has some time to kick back and relax as the parents did all the work with the parachute!

 A few of her friends were even able to make it and play.  After gym time was over, we walked across the street to the Asheville Brewing Company.  The parents enjoyed their great beers, and the kids enjoyed pizza and homemade ice cream.

 ZB asked for me to make chocolate and avocado... yum!  Made with good ingredients like maple syrup for sweetener, and eggs from our own hens, it was nothing to feel guilty about eating :)
We are all so in love with this fun little girl!  She's growing up way too fast...
Thanks to everyone for their sweet birthday wishes and gifts, she has enjoyed everything!
Love to all!

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Jane said...

Blossom is total joy! It is so fun to be with her. I can never get enough! Wishing her and all of you a wonderful year ahead.
Love, Mom

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