Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grateful For What We've Got

Hello!  We are so enjoying this end-of-summer.  The weather is cool enough and sunny enough to get lots of outdoor projects done and generally lots of outdoor play!  Of course ZB is happy in any weather, and I thought I should document some of goodness... at some point every day she looks about like this:

The more clothes the better, in her mind!  She is nearly two and a half, which seems altogether too close to 3.  I am loving her 2-year-old-ness!  Putting on 5 layers of clothes to go to the grocery store, insisting on snuggling before she falls asleep (which means squishing our faces together and hugging real tight, until basically she becomes uncomfortable and rolls over), reading all her story books aloud to her dolly, being SUCH a good imitator (no naughty words around this girl, please!), and all her own pronunciations of things are just too cute!  My current favorites are Kreacher the bunny = "treeker" and disgusting = (with a good grossed-out face) "ee-schtus-kin".  What a sweet girl :)

Our garden is really pushing out in it's last bit of warm-ish weather.  One of the fig trees in the front is going crazy for the first time (it is 3 years old).  We get a big bowl-full every day now!  Our tomatoes are finally ripening without rotting, since we're finally having a break from the rainy summer.  And even when the squash bugs ate the leaves of the squash plants, we were still left with 3 good-sized Hubbard Squash.  The one in the photo below had crept up onto a fence to grow, and the top actually grew through the fence, so had to be cut off so I could harvest it (and used right away).  We've already made squash custard, grain-free squash bread and we're having squash soup for supper this week... yum!

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