Monday, July 8, 2013

Double Digits

Reed has officially left behind the years of single-digit living.  He celebrated his 10th birthday in style over the holiday weekend.  On his actual birthday, he and a friend went swimming in the neighborhood pool.
Blossom liked swimming for a while, and then preferred to enjoy the view from the shade.

We then went out for hamburgers - these guys were pretty fun to take out to dinner!

The following day was the birthday party.  For games, we drew a giant (human-sized) board game with sidewalk on the back patio.  They had a big painted die and everything (though in hindsight, I would have made 2 dice for getting through the game quicker!).  Each square they landed on had a task (ie - act like a monkey, shake your bootie, give someone a hug, or go crazy!).

Even ZB wanted to participate!
The older kids helped spray-paint a lawn Twister game.

Reed was inspired by a Mardi Gras party he went to earlier in the year, and wanted a King Cake (minus the plastic baby).  It was fairly easy to make and Reed loved it!
I am so glad to have gotten to know Reed this last decade.  He's had some ups and downs and they've all turned out to make him a great kid - thoughtful, respectful, kind, artistic, friendly and easy-going.

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Nichole said...

Happy birthday Reed!

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