Friday, May 24, 2013

Have I Ignored the Blog for Long Enough?

It hasn't even been a month, but it feels like much longer since I've made a blog post!  Co-op is over, Reed's Thursday School is over, Clay is gone to Michigan for OM World Finals as I type (they actually just did their skit in front of 50 people today at 2:00 and I heard they did great!) - I finally feel like I have a break and can just stop and enjoy Spring before it's over.

Clay was excited to get his cast off before heading on the road trip.  He does have a brace on now and can't do anything really with the arm, but it's much nicer than that huge cast!

We've had several visitors from out of town, when it's always fun to get to be tourists in our own fun touristy town.

Of course, we're all excited to be eating more from the garden in this warm weather - kale, chard, asparagus and rhubarb all make frequent appearances at our table.  Strawberries, however, never seem to make it to the table.
I'm typing now as Blossom is napping.  She has started mostly sleeping in her own bed.  She has pretty mixed feelings about it.  Night time is more like musical beds.  Last night, for example, I put her down in her bed.  When she fell asleep, I went back to my own room.  Bobby awoke sometime in the night and when he came back to bed, Blossom had crawled into our bed (unbeknownst to my slumbering self).  When I woke up to her squirming near me, I retreated to her bed so we wouldn't all be squished.  Then she woke up in the morning, very confused why Dada was there, but not Mama, and eventually climbed back into her own bed, fell asleep a little longer, while I went back to snuggle with Dada for a little bit. phew.  Not very restful nights to say the least!
Today, she insisted that I leave the room before she fell asleep for nap.  I obliged, and after a few minutes of silence, I snuck back in to peek:
Aww... I think the blood might rush to her head while perched on the mountain of pillows she made, but it's awfully cute!

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