Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Random Assortment of Halloweeness

The kids and I woke up bright and early today to help out at our Homeschool Co-op's annual Halloween Festival.  Clay helped in the Haunted House by constructing a spooky haunted forest out of an old EZ-Up, cardboard tubing and tree branches with some friends.  I made a donut-on-a-string game (no hands allowed!) which was delightfully sticky and messy, as well as an icky feely table with holes cut in cardboard boxes to feel dried up tongue (dry apricots), maggots (oily cooked rice), witches fingers (baby pickles) and more grossness.  I kept hearing shrieks of, "EWWW!" so I think it was a hit!

The boys went trick-or-trating with friends tonoght, but before they left, I did make sure to snap some photos.  Reed made his own mime costume again (boy, did our kitchen smell like permanent marker for days on end).  Clay went steampunk (google it if you don't know what this is :) this year and created a really cool costume out of lots of odds-and-ends, leather clothing from the thrift store and bronze spray paint.  And little ZB became a sweet a little forest gnome in her mama-made costume.

Mime and Gnome:
 So Gnome-y (and would not stand still!)

 Steampunk (this took about a month of planning - very cool!) :

The idea for ZB's little toadstool skirt of her gnome costume is from this cute blog I found - The Life of a Cheap Chickadee - Thank you!
Happy Halloween everyone!  I think I need to go clean off the floor in the boys room in anticipation for it soon to be covered in candy!

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