Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Make a Cloth Prefold

For my job, I spend a lot of time at the thrift store and often find great cloth diapers for my little one.  So, I don't *need* any new diapers for her.  Today, I found some super cute flannel receiving blankets, though and had to buy them, convincing myself I'd put them to good use :)  I decided to make a few cloth diapers for little ZB's diaper stash.  During the daytime, she uses fitted or prefold diapers in a waterproof velcro cover.  I've made many covers for her, since a friend gifted me a bunch of waterproof diaper fabric when I was pregnant.  Making prefolds is even easier, though, and so cheap.  Start off with some thin, absorbant cotton or hemp.  If you have a large yardage of it, you can make true prefolds by doing lots of folds in the fabric and sewing them down.  This method is better for using up smaller pieces of fabric amd is basically sewing a thick layer down the center.  I used the blankets and an old stained hand towel for the middle section.
Next, I lay a use an already-made diaper as a reference and cut the blankets the same length and about double the width. 
If you're lucky, you'll have a good *helper* to keep you on task!

Next,  I cut the towel in pieces the same size as the thick middle section of the prefold I was tracing.  I sewed that to the underside of one edge of the blanket.
Then, fold your fabric so that the towel is running down the center and sew it again vertically.  Then use a zig-zag stitch to sew up the short sides.
I used the leftover pieces of fabric to make cloth wipes by doing a zig-zag stitch all the way around the edge.
Voila- Cute diapers and new wipes!
I think someone else is begging for sewing lessons so she can help more next time :)

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