Sunday, January 29, 2012

Around the Home

I love to see the sunshine during these long Winter months, even though the wind chill is still cold for me! We spent the day at home catching up on and starting new projects... Tried out a new whole wheat sandwich bread recipe... yum!
While I was kneading bread, ZB was playing underfoot, and then crawled out of the kitchen to explore. Once I noticed it had been quiet in the house for a little too long, I went to investigate. This is what the newly 10-month-old was up to...

After we tidied up the bathroom, we let the bread rise and went to see what the guys were up to. Turns out B was supporting cheap child labor and hired the kids to help him work on the poultry pen :)

After all that work (well, the boys work!), it seemed a good time to test out our new ice cream maker. I scored this beauty at the thrift in new condition, even with the box and instructions for $2! We used to use a hand crank, but man, you really had to work for that ice cream - the kids were BEGGING for a plug-in ice cream maker, and I just wasn't willing to spend the $10 that most thrifts price theirs at. This one was priced so cheap because it has a quarter-sized hole on the back of the motor casing. So, as long as you aren't prone to putting your finger into a running motor, this was a good buy :)
And not long after we figured it out, we had delicious mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, made by the kids! Even for someone like me who doesn't really like ice cream, I'll admit, it is pretty good!
Here's Reed's photo for the day. I used to dress up my cat when I was little, so I can't really blame him - and Bear is a good sport, too... haha!

Stay warm everyone!
~ Julie

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