Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big Kids

I can't believe how fast these kids are growing up! It's a weird mix of sad and happy at the same time for mama. Clay decided he wanted his hair cut! yikes! He said he was tired of being called a girl, and though it doesn't happen much in our hippie-bubble-town, it does happen a LOT when he goes out of town, which is happening this week. Here's some before and afters:

That last one looks SO much like a glimpse into teenage years! Holding on to the last of these "kid" years! The boys went to Memphis this week to be with their Dad's family, since their great-grandmother passed away after dealing with dementia for too many years. I'm sending peace to them through this difficult time of adjustments.

Here at home, Blossom had some ADORABLE photos taken by a local (amazing) photographer. Here is a link to the sample photos that were posted on the photographer's blog:

Go check them out, and if you're in the area and need photos done, don't hesitate to contact Lenka!

Blossom is also at a sweet age of entering toddler-hood. She's crawling like a champ and trying to stand by herself. And what perfect timing to find this at the thrift (for $2!), since we're getting rid of the big baby toy stuff - and she LOVES it!

Stay warm this chilly week - I probably won't be posting much since the boys are out of town, it means I have a lot of projects that need attention!

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