Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Visits & Reed's Perspective

We are coming down from a pretty busy weekend! B's dad came to visit for a few days. It was his first time to meet Blossom, and a perfect age for meeting her - she's all smiles! He got a pretty good tour of Asheville, from the Black Mountain Sourwood Festival and the Folk Art Center, to the Lazoom Tourbus and The WNC Nature Center. I'm tired just thinking about it!

Bobby's dad grabbed a shot of us, too:

Reed was the camera man at the Nature Center, and took about 50 shots and some videos! I'll just share a few of those with you - he worked hard!
Thanks to his homeschool "Fungi" class, Reed easily identified all these shelf mushrooms!

The man behind the camera (and his new haircut!)

On Saturday, my beautiful Sister-in-law in Charlotte had her Baby Blessing for her about-to-be-born son! I am so excited to get another cute nephew! While we were in Charlotte, my nephew handed down his Exersaucer to Blossom (who loves it - thanks guys!). He was a little unsure to see it go, but it will return soon :)
Now, back to home life - projects need to be done, muffins need to be baked, and the Summer seems to be slipping through my fingers too fast! I'm NOT one to complain about the crazy heat waves this Summer. For me, that's more excuses to go to local swimming holes in the river, eat ice cream and play in the garden! Yet the weather has started to cool down, and public school's are in full swing. boo. I'll try to savor this last bit of Summer!

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