Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Camp Greenville Homeschool Day

In an effort to squeeze in a few more homeschool activities before the new baby arrives, the kids and I went down to YMCA's Camp Greenville in South Carolina for their bi-annual Homeschool Adventure Day. It was pretty chilly in the woods all day, but still the sun was shining and we had a lot of fun! Clay did classes in using a compass, archery and riflery. Reed did a solar system class, nature crafts and reptiles, that I went to also. Then all three of us went to the Appalachian Heritage class.

Here is the Appalachian Heritage class making johnny cakes & fresh butter over the fire...

And then letting the kids check out some old tools and showing how they were used - Reed augering it out:
And Clay feeling out the maul that they used to make shingles:

Even though this was a reptile class, they brought out some other animals too like this super friendly rat:
Reed loved holding all the animals!

And now that that is over, we can take a break for a bit before baby comes. Homeschool co-op classes do start next week, but for the first time, I'm actually NOT signed up to teach or co-teach anything! So, we basically just have to show up :) This week I get to relax and even get henna painted on my ever-expanding belly as well as gather with friends for my blessingway. Hope everyone else gets some relaxation in their week as well!

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