Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Very Cultured Flat Stanley goes to Netherlands and Rome!

This Stanley's trip was SO cool - I am seriously considering smooshing myself with a bulliten board and being sent through the mail to the Netherlands and Rome!! This *wonderful* family took SO many great photos - I'm sorry not to have space to share them all! I'll try to share the best ones - (at least by the boys' votes ;)

The letter:
Dear Boys,
Your FLAT STANLEY came all the way to my city, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

While he was here, these are some of the exciting things he saw and did:
went on vacation to Rome, zoo, windmill, park, played with playmobile, got the chickenpox.

The distance between North Carolina and Netherlands is approximately 6548 km or 3535 miles.

If FLAT STANLEY should come back to visit, he should wear jacket and hat and rainboots, because the climate here is cold, wet and cloudy.

Some other interesting facts about my city include:
The people speak Dutch. They like to eat french fries with mayonnaise, and Loempias or bitterballen. We celebrate SinterKlaas day on Dec 5 and not Christmas.

First some good play time:

These are just a few of the amazing photos from Rome:




Then back to the Netherlands and the zoo (with possibly the coolest playground I have ever seen!):


THANK YOU so much to our Netherlands hosts - you guys were wonderful - we all thoroughly enjoyed each and every picture, and your trip and hometown are just amazing!!

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Jaime said...

Bat-Ninja Flat Stanley wants Jaime to buy a camera so he can stop hanging out on her desk and go have adventures. BAT NINJA STANLEY IS NOT FORGOTTEN. no no no

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