Saturday, March 1, 2008

Today, we took our Stanleys to our friendly, neighborhood Staples store to be protected by a super power force field (aka lamination)... fortunately, the clerk did not seem to mind being hovered over by two 7-year-old boys and being told all about Stanley!

That was easy!!

We got a huge number of responses when we asked for host families for Stanley. We have marked on our maps all of the offers we have gotten. It's obviously too many for one time, but after our first batch of Stanleys come back, we'll probably send them on new adventures! The blue arrows are places that they are going RIGHT NOW ... the red arrows are future destinations :)

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Shayne said...

I loved your blog. I just started my own yesterday ( ). I have been recovering from a car accident a couple years ago and want to get the children's flat travellers out and about again. They used to travel 12 months of the year but our house has been upside down a bit since the accident.

I was wondering if you would be interested in trading some flat travellers with St. Albert, Alberta, Canada?

Let me know what your schedules are like? I am working with my 8 year old to update his web site. When that is done I promised his 10 year old sister that I would get hers back online.

The real point of my comment is to show you the link on the bottom of my son's site for his flat traveller. I think your children might enjoy the maps they make.

Have a great day,

shayneneal at gmail dot com

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