Monday, March 30, 2015

ZB 4 Year Old Interview

Here's a little capture of this moment in the sweet life of Blossom!

Birthday photos coming soon...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Awesome Dinosaur Pinata

Prepping for ZB's 4th birthday party was lots of fun!  She insisted that a pinata was essential for the party, and wanted it to be chicken shaped.  On the first day of construction, she changed her mind and wanted it to be a dinosaur.  She chose an apatosaur, and we started construction!
First the balloon and newspaper inner structure were built, then the first layer of goopy paper mache.  I know there are fancier ways to do this, but I stayed old school with newspaper and a basic flour/water glue.

After it dried overnight, ZB decided it needed "thorns" (spikes).  So these were added.  They are the dividers from egg carton.
One more layer was added that day, and left to dry.  When it was all dry the next day, we stuffed it full of treasures (kazoos, dark chocolate squares, gummy snacks, magnifying glasses, etc.)  Then time for the first layer of paint.  ZB decided it was to be purple.
Details were added:
On her birthday eve, when she was tucked in bed, B blew up all the balloons, and we set the finished dino in the balloon jungle as a fun wake-up surprise (she was quite delighted by the scene)!

Talent Show

The Asheville Homeschool Talent Show was this week.  My kids have never participated before, and this year they surprised me and (very last minute) decided to do it!  Blossom got to go first because she was the youngest participant, and she was thrilled!  Not even a little nervous :)
She then did a quick-change off stage, and 2 acts later, she and Reed went back on stage to breakdance.  I didn't get any video of the two of them, but did get Blossom's ballet performance.  Clay took care of music for both acts, so everyone helped out!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring is Finally Here!

We are all so excited that Spring is finally here!  Bobby is busy with outdoor projects.  Clay is getting lots of yard work jobs and skateboarding everywhere!  Reed is breaking away from playing Minecraft to soak up some sun.  I'm loving that I'm already sunburned and Blossom is naked in the yard half the time!

Baby chicks in the brooder box are just about to be put outside, and the big chickens are LOVING the arrival of delicious bugs ;)

Blossom's cousins from Charlotte made a visit this weekend to check out a kids event at the Arboretum.  They did all the "event activities" and then we all wandered into the woods for some creek play time.  Here's Blossom and her cousin Hudson enjoying the chilly water!
Reed was, of course, climbing on everything he could find (we was fairly upset that most of the trees were thin rhododendrons).
I spent Sunday digging Blossom's sand box bigger.  I made it about triple sized.  As it was, if you got 2 kids in there and they had toys, there was really no room left to play.  Bobby was glad for me to use up some old stumps, too.
When I did the first version of this, I hauled the river sand home in 5 gallon buckets in the back of my little Honda.  But now... Bobby got a truck - woo-hoo!!  He is putting it to good use immediately.  Though it still took a couple trips to get all the sand.
He is now busy at work on a special surprise for our nearly 4yo.  I'll surely post pictures soon!

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