Friday, September 21, 2012

A Handful of Goodness

These chilly nights are sneaking up on us!  For our little farm, this means harvesting the last of the Summer produce and planting the Fall gardens.  This was my first year growing sweet potatoes and they surprised me with how huge they are!

The regular potatoes are here as well - there are plenty to dig for dinner each night, and they'll be fine to stay underground until the weather gets pretty cold.

Reed's job each day is to do a lot of chicken tending.  He feeds them each morning and collects their eggs through the day.  We're starting to get quite the bounty of eggs as all of the hens are laying now!  The duck doesn't seem to be laying yet... not sure when that will start.

Of course I can't resist to add some photos of the youngins - I do love the nice hot Summer, but something about snuggling up in a sweater is a great feeling, too!  Here's ZB wearing the first sweater of the season...

I'll leave you with a shot of Reed goofing it up for the camera - he always like to be featured on the blog!  Happy Fall everyone!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

From ZB to her adoring fans

I am so busy lately, and I apologize for not keeping up with the blog!!  Our homeschool co-op starts this week and I have taken on so much responsibility in it this year, I am feeling a little stressed.  I was already the membership coordinator, and then decided to also be the chair of our governing council.  Not a huge deal, but on top of that I am teaching 2 classes!  One is archery for 6-8 year olds and the other is a Hunger Games class (based on the book series) for teens.  Clay will be in the Hunger Games class, and unfortunately I won't be in a class with Reed this semester.  Of course, ZB will be having a great time in the nursery with her baby pals.
In my busy-ness, I was lucky to grab the camera in time to catch the after-dinner performance in the kitchen - or at least the tail end of it ... Enjoy!

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